Physical Therapy is the evaluation and treatment of physical conditions. A Physical Therapist aims to restore movement and function, relieve pain, and prevent further injury. The staff has a wide array of treatment skills including manual therapy, myofacial release, joint and soft tissue mobilization, massage, therapeutic modalities and exercise. We offer Anodyne Therapy for pain conditions. For further information on this type of therapy go to: 

 • Orthopedic treatments for all musculoskeletal disorders Core stabilization Sports medicine
• Work related injuries, treatment and prevention Temporo-Mandibular Joint (TMJ) - lower jaw conditions
• Chronic pain and fibromyalgia
• Women's health treatment (urinary incontinence, pregnancy related lower back pain)
• Vestibular rehabilitation Treatment for neurological and neuromuscular disorders

Our Physical Therapists treat patients with varied conditions in the following specialty areas:

The Physical Therapy department is able to do an initial assessment, without a physician’s referral. Upon completion of the assessment, the Physical Therapist will contact your Doctor or at your request refer you to a local physician for continued care.